Ferreter Field honors the memory of our beloved Mr. Ferreter.

This will be the third 6th grade/teacher annual softball game since our softball diamond was renamed Ferreter Field. Read below about the historic first game.

History of First 6th Grade versus Teachers softball game at Ferreter Field.

The 2013 annual softball game between the sixth graders and Golden Empire staff was attended by some very special people.  Family and friends of Mr. Ferreter, our beloved teacher of 25 years who passed away last year, were there to observe and participate in pre-game activities honoring Mr. Ferreter. Dr. Eister introduced several students who shared how Mr. Ferreter had touched their lives and Mrs. Ferreter spoke to the students about how they could continue his legacy by “stepping up to the plate” in all that they do in life.

Dr. Eister then announced the naming of the field in honor of Mr. Ferreter. Several students unfolded a banner beautifully inscribed  with Ferreter Field.

The school, along with all of our visitors, were then treated to live music from a trio led by Scott Ferreter, Mr. Ferreter’s son.  He sang his dad’s favorite song, “The Weight” (take a load off, Annie) and the band led everyone in a verse of “Take Me Out To the Ballgame.”

The softball game was fun, as usual, and had an unusual outcome.  For the first time, the 6th graders and the teachers tied in a hard fought 4 to 4 tie.  Samantha Netherton hit a homerun for the sixth graders and the teachers had to come from behind to tie the score in a shortened two inning game. (There were only two 6th grade classes this year.)

It was a fitting conclusion to a day commemorating our beloved Mr. Ferreter.  He would have been pleased.