The Sign Says It All – NO POWER, NO SCHOOL! Click for details and photos
Power outage lasts for over 36 hours!

District superintendent thanks GE staff for their response to the power outage.Students and parents didn't seem too upset by the closure!Not everyone was happy about the school closure!

To the best of anyone’s knowledge, this is the first time that Golden Empire has ever been closed during the regular school year. The outage lasted over 36 hours after a transformer went down and the school was closed for two days. Of course, this was all triggered by the rain and high winds from Wednesday’s storm.

Thanks to the efforts of the Golden Empire staff, our families that didn’t hear about the closure were greeted upon their arrival at school on Thursday. Everyone took the news in stride, but some students couldn’t stop smiling. Hopefully, it was a day well spent for both students and staff.

Another storm is predicted to hit our area on Sunday (1/22), but the power has been restored and we will have school on Monday, the 23rd.

Keep safe and dry and remind your children that they were a part of Golden Empire history!