Would You Like a Home Visit?
Many of our families have already had one or more!

Have you heard about the Home Visit Program? Home visits are just that—a visit by 2 teachers to the student’s home in the hope of increasing connections between school staff and students. Golden Empire is proud to be a partner with the California Home Visit Program. The Home Visit program originated in Sacramento over 20 years ago and has been duplicated in over 4500 communities in 20 states. The goals are simple: to increase communication between the home and school and build relationships. Golden Empire teachers have been visiting students at their homes for years.

This visit can also help teachers have a better understanding of the various strengths and challenges faced by each student and to meet the student and their family in a relaxed setting. Ideally home visits occur near the beginning the school year, but any time is a good time for a home visit.

Do you and your child want a home visit? If so you can e-mail Mr. Frankenberger at normfrankenberger@scusd.edu. Include your name, your student’s name, his or her teacher, and the best days and times to visit.