#EveryDayCounts Campaign. Click here to learn more!


We are launching the #EVERYDAYCOUNTS campaign to recognize students for their participation efforts during DL. Each week, any student that has participated all 5 days will be entered into a drawing. 3 names will be randomly drawn here in the office; a student from Kindergarten, a student from 1-3 grades and a student from 4-6 grades. The 3 students will receive an “Every Day Eagle Squad” backpack delivered to their home by Dr. Eister and will also be announced during the MIM video. As a bonus incentive, if students keep up the good work attending every day, there will be a special presentation at the end of the school year to watch Dr. Eister get SLIMED! What is the reason for this campaign? GE has one of the lowest absence percentages in the district—7.95% in fact! That is all thanks to your hard work & dedication. There is still work to be done as that remaining 7.95% need the most help. We want to keep the momentum going for the students that already show up every day and provide a fun incentive as a reward. What do I have to do? Just keep encouraging your child like you have all year long! Please also use this incentive to remind your child/children to work toward the goal of participating every day. The intention is to give kids a little fun incentive to continue their hard work and hopefully spark some attention for others that might need that extra nudge. The first group of students will be selected Friday 2/26.