After School

After School Care and Enrichment Programs
ASES and 4th "R"


ASES (After-School Enrichment and Safety): is a free after school, expanded learning program for students in Kindergarten through 6th grade that focuses on developing academic enrichment, health and wellness, STEM, and literacy skills. The program highlights youth-driven opportunities that help promote family and community engagement in a safe and fun environment. To apply for ASES click HERE or call (916) 237-2899.

The 4th “R” is an income based child care program for Kindergarten through 6th grade children. The 4th “R” introduces children to a variety of recreational activities while providing a well-planned, nurturing environment that promotes healthy development of the child. Qualified staff provide a wide variety of group and individual activities to enhance your child’s physical, social and emotional development. To apply for 4th “R” send an email to Gempire4thR@cityof or call 916-228-3209.