Making learning from home meaningful for your child
updated 3/25


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Emotions are running high this week.

I don’t know about you but this week alone, I’ve felt a little bit of it all.
Frustrated. Overwhelmed. Scared. Annoyed. Exhausted. Thankful. 
This virus has flipped the  entire world upside down and no matter where we live or how we spend our days, things have changed for all of us. 
Families are losing incomes, scrambling to figure out daycare situations and learning how hard it is to be stuck at home.

As a seasoned homeschooler, I’ve got a few tips for staying sane while being home with kids all day. 
Open the curtains:
Let some natural light inside and it will improve everyone’s moods. It’s really the simplest way to help your kids stay happy.
Stick to a routine:
It doesn’t have to be strict but kids thrive on routine. Figure out your rhythm and stick with it.
Get outside:
Just a quick walk around the block helps kids burn energy and makes being inside much more bearable for all.
Have quiet time for yourself:
It’s important to take care of yourself so you don’t snap at the kids and make your whole house miserable. Just a few minutes makes a world of difference.

Making Lemonade Out of Lemons

It’s easy to feel discouraged during this time but I think it’s very important that we don’t make our kids feel like a burden. Yes, staying home from work and homeschooling them is not our exact idea of fun. But our kids can feel the pressure and seriousness of this time, too. They may not say it, but they can feel the tension in the world. Instead of making them feel like a pain in the butt, let’s spend time connecting with them and making memories.
When will we ever have 2 weeks to spend with no one but our families? This is the chance of a lifetime. Yes, it’s stressful and scary and overwhelming but let’s make the most of it.
Have a dance party. Bake cookies. Learn a new skill. Build blanket forts. Tell stories from your childhood. Have a talent show. Have a DIY spa day. Just do something fun.

Create memories they’ll want to tell their grandkids about. We are living through history and we want our kids to look back and smile when they think of this time.

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Yesterday, my husband took us for a ride in his ‘68 Mustang that he bought and rebuilt when he was just 14 years old. Check out the kids’ smiles in the photo above!
Fun little outings, with no contact at all, are a great way of getting out of the house.
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